About Us

About Us

Hey there! This is Victoria here. I am so glad you found my website and that you are interested in art… either purchasing some for yourself or a loved one or taking a class with me at Hobby Lobby.

I am a Bob Ross Certified Instructor!

If you are a local artist and want to work on enhancing your skills with a group of like minded people, or are aspiring to be an artist… I hope you will come and paint with me soon!

I actually waited to learn how to make beautiful landscape and seascape oil paintings until I became an “empty nester”.

I can still remember the first time I saw Bob Ross on public access television and saw him work his magic… painting a breathtakingly beautiful landscape oil painting in 30 minutes! I was mesmerized and in awe of what he had done in record time!

I made up my mind that “one day” I would do what he was doing. Maybe not as fantastic, but nevertheless, I would become an oil painting artist too.

I fell in love with his calm, soothing manner and dreamed of the day I could join the ranks of the “happy painters”.

Fast forward a couple of decades, it finally happened, my dream came true. My physical journey as a happy painter began in 2005! I finally received my Certification as a Bob Ross Instructor in 2010. 🙂

Although, to this very day, I can only draw stick people, I can paint now and I love it!

We all have an artist that is within us, our creative self, and a muse waiting to help us take full advantage of it all.

Just believe! And you can do anything you put your heart and mind to. 🙂